1-Habitatges mallorquins

Property developer, home rentals, buying and selling of property and refurbishment.
Property management specialists: members of the Official Association of Property Agents.
c/ Bernat de Santa Eugènia, 19 A
Tfn. 971 274747

2-CEPSA Ramón Ramis

Filling station. Lubricants and fuel are our specialities.
Plaça dels Hostals, 4
Tfn. 971 620362

3-Fotografia s’Arc

Photography and related items.
Plaça dels Hostals, 13
Tfn. 971 140105

4-Serveis Gràfics Estarellas

Graphic arts.
Graphic, editorial and advertising design. All types of printed literature and website work.
c/ Bernat de Santa Eugènia, 40b
Tfn. 971621246 / 616432680

5-Administració de loteries

Lottery administrator.
c/Bernat de Santa Eugènia, 40
971 621263


Tyre and speedy mechanical workshop
c/ Bernat de Santa Eugènia, 74 Baixos
Tfn. 971 293259
Fax 971 752652


Tax, accountancy and labour advisors, and administrative office. Making up and submitting tax declarations, income and wealth
tax, VAT, corporation tax, census declarations. Labour-related work: registration and deregistration of self-employed persons, worker-owned company start-ups,
employment contracts and employee registration, payroll and social security contributions, management and processing of deeds, property register, formalities at the Directorate-General of Traffic.
c/Bernat de Santa Eugènia, 43
Tfn. 971620911 / 971620955
Fax 971620969


notary public
Avda. Jaume III, 34
Tfn. 971140614
Fax. 971140615


Room hire (practice sessions, presentations, etc.)
Education for all: children, adults. Computing, foreign languages, study techniques…
University Education. Music: beginner stage, instrumental practice, musical computing…
Educational guidance. Brief Strategic Therapy (BST). Coaching.
Bodily activities: Pilates, aerobics, zumba, yoga, massages…
Family constellations, flower essences, Reiki…Workshops, intensive courses….
Co-working with other professionals, organizations and institutions. Helping people in need.
Avinguda Jaume III, 33 baixos-dreta
971621524 / 617035678
Facebook k-fem Mallorca

10-Autoescola Groc

School of motoring
Avda. Jaume III, 25 2on
Tfn. 609641816

11-Tot espectacle

Sound and lighting equipment and end-to-end production of events. Stages and tents.
Plaça Son Llaüt, 45 07320
Polígon Son Llaüt
Tfn. 971 140981


Electrical installation work, submersible pumps and automatic doors.
Avda. Jaume III, 8
Tfn. 971620939
Fax 971620939

13-Autoescola Rubí

Instruction for A2, A, B and BTP driving licences and AM moped licence.
c/ Jaume Juan, 9
Tfn. 607582820 / 615056363

14-The Playroom

Foreign language academy. English, Russian and German.
Small groups and one-to-one lessons.
C/Llarg, 24
Tfn. 634586734

15-Taller Damià Vidal

General motor mechanics.
Plaça nova, 4
Tfn. 971140606
Fax. 971140606


Building and transportation materials and equipment, stoves and fireplaces
c/Nadal Batle, s/n
Tfn. 971620181
Fax 971620418

17-Comparini Asociados

 Comparini Asociados: End-to-end graphic design and digital printing services, advertising photography, signage, copywriting and creative advertising work.Advertising photography and graphic design
Carrer Rei Sanç 5A
Tfn. 971620450

18-Llibreria Estanc N.2

Specialty tobaccos, lotteries, stationery and bookstore. exhibition space.
c/Llarg, 69
tel. 971 140 231

19-TM Aula d’Estudi

educational consultant
Specialty in educational counseling, study skills and review of primary, secondary and high school.
c/ Bernat de Santa Eugènia, 15
tel. 617 49 84 33

20-English for you Academy

Language academy
Avda. Jaume III, 15
tel. 649 022 296

21-Serra Sport

Mechanical workshop
Specializing in auto repair, racing cars and auto parts and accessories.
c/ Marquès de la Fontsanta, 32
tel. 971620810

22-Materials Gamundí

Building materials company
c/Batle Gabriel Mesquida, 1
tel. 971 62 00 23

23-Lavacoches Santa Maria

Workshop cleaning cars
Specializing in hand cleaning, oiling change, electricity, upholstery, polishing and buffing, spare parts, restoration, tinted windows and batteries.
c/ Bernat de Santa Eugènia, 76
tel. 971 62 08 53

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