For its environment

Santa Maria has a fine geographical location, at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. That’s why there are many excursions for enjoying the surroundings and their outstanding natural beauty.

Besidesthe excursion to Coanegra, a place of outstanding natural beauty, there are other fine excursions such as:

Excursión Camí de Muro

The departure point of the excursion along the Camí de Muro (way) can be either the centre of Santa Maria del Camí, going along Baronia de Terrades Street, or Son Llaüt. The way is surfaced, so it’s ideal for either walking or cycling. If we opt to start the excursion from the village centre, our way will begin with the garden of Sa Quintana, which is an ideal place to stop and take in the views of the mountain range.
If we opt to head for the municipality of Consell, we can get there along either Camí des Molí, or Camí de Muntanya. If we opt to head for Binissalem we can get there by Camí de Biniagual.
On Camí de Muro we’ll encounter contrasting colours and the fragrance of grape vines.
On the way we’ll be able to enjoy picturesque views of the Torrent de Solleric (torrent), just on the Biniali road.
If we wish to keep going along the road we’ll come to the Llubí-Muro roundabout.
Approximate duration on foot:
Santa Maria del Camí – Llubí-Muro roundabout: 3h 21min (16.8km)
Santa Maria del Camí – Binissalem (Camí de Biniagual): 2h 22min (11.5km)
Santa Maria del Camí – Biniali: 1h 35min (7.4km)
Santa Maria del Camí – Consell (Camí de Muntanya): 1h 7min (5.6km)

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