For its wines

Situated within Binissalem designation of origin area, Santa Maria del Camí specializes to a fair degree in grape-growing and wine-making, and has done from antiquity. Today we can find the following wineries in Santa Maria:

Here you can find further information about these wineries and their locations.
For wine lovers there’s a very interesting activity that you shouldn’t miss. There’s a little train that takes us on a trail amongst the vineyards to visit various wineries. It’s called the Wine Train (

One of the highlights of the year is the Fiesta del Vi Novell, (New Wine Festival), held on the last Saturday in November of each year. It celebrates the arrival of the new wine in the wineries, which traditionally was announced to the people by placing a sprig of pine over the doorway of each winery. During this festival this sprig of pine, which each winery will hang above its doorway, is handed over. Following this act of protocol, the festival continues with a wine-tasting accompanied by tapas made by the municipality’s various restaurants.

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