You can find one of the largest traditional markets in Mallorca in the Plaça Nova in Santa Maria del Camí every Sunday, from 7 am to 2 pm, winter and summer, rain or shine. It has over 500 stalls where farmers, artisans, traders, clothes and food sellers sell their wares. You can shop everything from fruit, vegetables, legumes, seeds and animals to hardware supplies, shoes, bags, clothes, perfumes, clay pots, flowers, plants, fruit trees, and more. Its size, variety of products and the fact that many producers sell their wares directly makes it one of the busiest and most well-rounded markets in Mallorca. Also noteworthy is the space where local arts and crafts are sold, another space dedicated to organic food and also an area focused on promoting the local economy with the sale of second-hand, restored and craft items and products. The exact origins of the market are unknown. It could possibly date back to the times when the peasants from neighbouring towns would come to Santa Maria for mass and use the opportunity to sell their products in the town square.

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