Welcome to Santa Maria del Camí

Santa Maria del Camí isn’t just a crossroads; its history, culture, and all the infrastructures and services that it provides for locals and visitors make it a socially-alive place to live, open to change and at the confluence of other cultures.

Our municipality has a long history: the first traces of culture can be found in the pre-Talaiotic period, between 3000 and 1400 B.C. We locals are aware of the great legacy left by our ancestors, men and women of value who handed down to us the traditions and customs by which we live today. As a people we are proud of what is ours and at the same time open to modernity.

This whole cultural toolkit makes our village an excellent place for recreation and leisure, besides being a quiet place to live and be good neighbours to one another… a place where past traditions go hand-in-hand with modern progress, while our identity as a village remains intact.